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REAL ESTATE Bookkeeping

We provide a wide range of services for Realtors who have or are thinking about setting up their PREC. These services also apply to Real Estate Investors who have a real estate portfolio that needs to be accounted and reported for. 

Privacy Policy

Please review the services below. The Items below have been provided to give a basic idea of how pricing is determined. Pricing is Fixed Fee, varies depending on the complexity of each client and the condition of their files and paperwork. Prices start at $150/month.

Corporation Set Up

If you require a corporation Set Up we will work with you to ensure this is set up and provide guidance on your requirements for annual reporting. There is a minimal charge for this which includes the government related expenses plus a charge of $100.00. Roughly the total cost for Corporation setup (including PREC) is $350.00 one-time and $12.00 for your annual corporation filing.

PRICING (this pricing is meant to be a guide and is subject to change. 

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